Lock in precision

Greatness is about getting in the zone. It’s about dedication and focus.
Locking in mind and body to perform with total confidence.

Seize more moments of greatness with the Rev Tactical.


Stay safe in the field

Protect your most important asset—your eyesight—with the Rev’s ballistic-rated frame and lenses.

Make any training you do more effective

Practice wherever, whenever with a long-lasting battery and sealed design.


See more of your surroundings

Enhance peripheral vision for greater awareness of threats, targets and safety concerns.

Track targets without distraction

Increase attention span and improve focus.


Improve balance

Enhance stability to perform in demanding environments.

Adapt to changing environments and potential threats

Improve reaction time by making accurate, split-second decisions.

Correctly judge target distances

Strengthen depth perception for greater accuracy.

“Strobe training is an essential tool in learning how to see the target. It’s like taking your eyes to the gym! After a session shooting, I’m amazed at how clearly I can see the target.”

Cory Kruse,
2012 Sporting Clays National Champion

“As competitive international skeet shooters, we can’t practice on competition day. Using strobe eyewear during training ensures a crisp, hard focus right out of the gate.”

Haley Dunn,
National USA Shooting team member, Pan-American Skeet Gold Medalist

“The strobing forced me to focus deeper on target, sight alignment and trigger control — the 3 most important aspects of combat shooting. I had a higher mental awareness of ALL actions needed to process controlled shooting.”

Mike Grider,
K-9 and drug interdiction trooper, former SWAT sniper

Sharpen Your Senses with the Rev Tactical

Shooting Sports

  • Sharpens dynamic visual acuity for increased target focus
  • Slows down movements in the mind’s eye
  • Improves visual processing for better anticipation and quicker reactions
  • Increases balance and stability for more accurate and consistent results
  • Creates smoother transitions to pinpoint the target
  • Retrains or reinforces eye dominance

Military & Law Enforcement

  • Expands peripheral awareness for elevated threat detection
  • Dominant eye assessment strengthens perceptive skills
  • Improves balance when moving or stationary
  • Increases training efficiency for a greater return on investment of skill and savings
  • Highly effective with both simulation and live-fire exercises

First Responders

  • Heightens situational awareness to adapt, improvise and overcome obstacles
  • Strengthens concentration on task at hand, while maintaining awareness of surroundings
  • Improves reaction and anticipation timing to unfolding events
  • More efficient and effective training equates to conservation of property and life
  • Improves balance and core stability — vital for carrying precious cargo under extreme conditions
  • Instills a relaxed focus to better manage crisis situations

Get the REV App

Your training isn’t complete without the Rev app. Our system uses Bluetooth connection to adjust strobe settings, making it easy for coaches or trainers to lead drills while the athlete stays focused and hands-free. Get started by screening your vision, then check out our video library of training drills and how-to’s.


  • Ballistic-rated lenses and frames offer shatter-resistant protection.
  • Proprietary lens technology provides unique taper and curvature for unmatched optical clarity.
  • 21st century LCD HD technology with superior functionality over older LCD platforms.
  • Rest mode allows lenses to remain clear for indefinite periods of time, keeping views unobstructed.
  • Custom amber-tinted lenses offer 100% UV protection, minimize glare
    and enhance visual comfort for faster target identification.
  • Ergonomic controls ensure speed and accuracy of use, even with a gloved hand.
  • Mode sequencing is optimized for Tactical users, allowing for training
    of both eyes together or each eye separately.
  • Interchangeable elastic strap with removable hinge design for adjustable comfort.
  • Adjustable, interchangeable bayonet temples with memory retention and occipital capture provide a comfortable fit even under caps or helmets.
  • Flexible, aerated nose-bridge maximizes comfort.
  • Sealed components provide barriers to sweat, rain and other elements.
  • Matte black finish reduces reflectivity ( exclusive to Tactical style).
  • Low-energy Bluetooth communication allows a coach or instructor to adjust settings on the fly.
  • Cutting-edge Rev design includes numerous patent-pending features.
  • 2-digit Vision Quotient ( VQ) LCD display with 11 strobe rates can be tailored to specific training drills.

What’s In The Box

  • Rev Tactical eyewear
  • Custom transport case with premium foam inserts
  • User manual and how-to guide
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Adjustable, elastic strap
  • Micro USB power cord
  • 120-240V 50/60Hz wall adapter unit
  • Removable, customizable temples