Crush your limits

Greatness is about more than strength and speed. It’s about vision.
The ability to see every opportunity and take it all the way.

Unleash more moments of greatness with the Rev Sport.


Take your training to the next level

Train more effectively whenever, wherever.


Eliminate distractions during the game

Focus on the play, not on crowd noise.

See plays before they happen

Anticipate the opportunity to steal or score.


Win more one-on-one matchups

Improve quickness and reaction time to conquer opponents.

Be more agile and athletic

Enhance balance and optimize stability.


See more of the action

Increase peripheral vision and depth perception for greater game awareness.

Be precise in all aspects of the game

Elevate eye-hand-foot coordination for pinpoint dexterity and skill.

“Strobe training has benefitted every aspect of my game, from hand-eye coordination drills, to hitting, to tracking pitches. It has become an enormous part of my pregame routine.”

Steven Souza Jr.,
Tampa Bay Rays, starting right fielder

“The Rev’s impact-resistant lenses will take strobe training to the next level. Trainers can now integrate this training into drills that simulate game situations without worrying about eye protection.”

Dr. Bronson Hamada,
Surf City Optometry, Huntington Beach

“We use strobe training on fundamentals like catching a ball or reading keys. Vision and response is overlooked and under-trained at all levels, but VIMA and Revs are truly game changers!”

Doug Cosbie,
football coach, former Dallas Cowboys Tight End

“I have become a pro at training my athletes from the neck down. But being able to offer training from the neck up has made all the difference in guaranteeing positive results for my athletes.”

Christopher Thomas,
Founder of World Domination and 100% Hoops basketball training

Up Your Game with the Rev Sport


  • Softball: Pitcher — maintain focus for more innings
  • Football: Placekicker — eliminate distractions during high-pressure field goals
  • Soccer: Keeper — concentrate on the ball during corner kicks


  • Baseball: Accurately time arrival of pitches
  • Volleyball: Anticipate when to extend for digs
  • Tennis: Return high-speed serves cleanly
  • Hockey: Shoot slap shots on a break away


  • Baseball: Accurately time arrival of pitches
  • Volleyball: Anticipate when to extend for digs
  • Tennis: Return high-speed serves cleanly
  • Hockey: Shoot slap shots on a break away


  • Basketball: Win matchups in man-to-man defense
  • Fencing: Parry attacks
  • Football: Quick get-off at snaps
  • Soccer: Keeper — Get in position faster to deflect more shots

depth perception

  • Golf: Read breaks and ball speed correctly while putting
  • Softball: Solidly hit rise balls
  • Basketball: Drain more shots regardless of position to the basket

peripheral vision

  • Hockey: Locate pucks in traffic to make plays
  • Football: Quarterback — increase pocket awareness to avoid the pass rush and keep eyes on receivers
  • Basketball: Point guard — make accurate no-look passes


  • Alpine Skiing: Hold a winning line, absorb chatter and accelerate through each gate
  • Rugby: Keep your feet under you and avoid tackles
  • Golf: Strengthen swing dynamics for consistent ball contact and longer shots

Get the REV App

Your training isn’t complete without the Rev app. Our system uses Bluetooth connection to adjust strobe settings, making it easy for coaches or trainers to lead drills while the athlete stays focused and hands-free. Get started by screening your vision, then check out our video library of training drills and how-to’s.


  • Impact-resistant lenses offer protection for your eyes.
  • Proprietary lens technology provides unique taper and curvature for unmatched optical clarity.
  • 21st century LCD HD technology with superior functionality over older LCD platforms.
  • Rest mode allows lenses to remain clear for indefinite periods of time, keeping views unobstructed.
  • Custom gray-tinted lenses offer 100% UV protection and minimize glare.
  • Ergonomic controls ensure speed and accuracy of use, even with a gloved hand.
  • Mode sequencing is optimized for Sport users, allowing for training of both eyes together, each eye separately or in alternation.
  • Innovative locking hinge allows strap to be easily removed and machine-washed
  • Adjustable, comfortable retention strap ensures Rev stays in place during any athletic activity.
  • Flexible, aerated nose-bridge maximizes comfort.
  • Sealed components provide barriers to sweat, rain and other elements.
  • Low-energy Bluetooth communication allows a coach or instructor to adjust settings on the fly.
  • Cutting-edge Rev design includes numerous patent-pending features.
  • 2-digit Vision Quotient ( VQ) LCD display with 11 strobe rates can be tailored to specific training drills.

What’s In The Box

  • Rev Sport eyewear
  • Custom transport case with premium foam inserts
  • User manual and how-to guide
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Micro USB power cord
  • 120-240V 50/60Hz wall adapter unit
  • Removable, adjustable, elastic strap