Our Story

We all strive to reach that next level. To challenge our capabilities. To be better. But getting there doesn’t come easy. It takes sheer will and smart training. It’s a combination of physical strength and mental sharpness that will ultimately bring you more moments of greatness.

We started Vima with this belief and we carry it out today. Our team has a background in sports and science. Fueled by firsthand knowledge of the game, and thorough understanding of the neuroscience behind it, we’ve come together to help you get better at what you do best.

Meet The Team

Dr. Alan Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO


Masters in Education
Doctorate in Optometry
Professor Emeritus
Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry
Awarded Optometrist of the Year by the AOA SVS

Dr. Alan Reichow began investigating the role of vision in human performance 39 years ago.

While he was a graduate student, Dr. Reichow co-founded the Pacific University Sports Vison Program, which is the oldest program of its kind in the world.

Throughout his storied career, Dr. Reichow has provided state-of-the-art vision services to thousands of athletes, Olympians, sports organizations, first responders, law enforcement agencies, and military/tactical entities.

After 12 years as a vision consultant to Nike, Inc., he became their Global Research Director for Vision Science, as well as Director of Research and Development for Nike Sports Sensory Training ( SST). It was during this stage of his career that he began contemplating the future of human performance training.

Why is Vima meaningful to Dr. Reichow?

“To perform at his or her best, athletes must not only excel in physical and sensory skills, they must use those skills together seamlessly and automatically. This union of physical + sensory is the basis of Vima. No matter where an athlete is in their development, their performance can be elevated to reach their full potential.”

Steve Swanson


MS in Biomechanics, UMass Amherst
Inaugural Chair of Technology – Sixth IOC World Congress on Sport Science

A passion for helping athletes improve performance and recover from injury has been the driving force behind Steve’s entire professional career.

While playing college football as a pre-med major, Steve trained and worked alongside ground-breaking exercise physiologist John Frappier — the founder of Athletic Republic. Over the next 20 years, Steve served as Chief Science & Technology Officer for Athletic Republic. He developed innovative products, software technology and training programs that helped over 1 million youth, collegiate and professional athletes improve their performance. Additionally, Steve developed and directed the biomechanics lab at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. Steve’s expertise was used by many athletes and medalists as they trained for the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Winter Games. Steve also founded Treadmetrix and AccuPower Solutions; companies that develop sport science and research technologies used by the top sports medicine, research, and elite organizations in the world.

Why is Vima meaningful to Steve?

“Training with the REV has much greater potential than traditional training because it improves how the brain perceives, processes, and controls the body. This is a powerful mechanism. And the Rev is only the beginning! Our goal at Vima is to continue developing products that maximize the performance of all athletes.”

Kelly Owen



Prior to leading Vima, Kelly was President and CEO of DoubleBarrel Downhole Technologies, an oil and gas service company that develops tools for the North American drilling market. Under his leadership, the company successfully developed, designed and introduced the second generation of rotary steerable tools.

For eight years, Kelly also served as Senior Operations Director at Dal-Tile, a division of Mohawk Industries. During his time there, Kelly managed six large scale tile plants and two custom cutting facilities in the United States and Mexico.

Before that, Kelly played a critical role in leading Goodyear Tire & Rubber’s manufacturing facilities in both North and South America. Under his direction, Lean Manufacturing was implemented in two of Goodyear’s flagship facilities, Americana Brazil and Lawton, Oklahoma. Both facilities went on to achieve recognition for their Lean efforts, and Americana Brazil became the first facility to receive the highest level of Shingo Prize in South America. The Lawton facility went on to receive a Silver Level Shingo Prize.

Why is Vima meaningful to Kelly?

“Vima is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a new product with truly breakthrough technology. For years, people strived to improve their performance through physical training, but with the Vima Rev they can train their body, eyes, and brain to work more efficiently together. This is a product that makes a difference and will help people in reaching their full potential.”

Tony Cichoke

Sports Marketing Manager

Tony played as a free agent with the Green Bay Packers and coached football for over 28 years at the collegiate, high school and youth levels.

After his coaching career, he spent 12 years working at Nike, collaborating with some of the top athletes in the world, including Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Maria Sharapova and Misty May-Treanor, as well as numerous medal-winning Olympic athletes.

Together with Dr. Reichow, Tony developed the Football Visor which grew to be Nike Equipment’s #1 selling product nationally. From there, Tony oversaw the Service Planning of the entire Nike Sensory Training Sports Marketing business, including strategic integration with Nike Global Sports Marketing.

Why is Vima meaningful to Tony?

“From the beginning, we brought in athlete and coach perspectives to direct thought moving forward. Always keeping in mind that we must look through the eyes of the athlete, no matter what they are doing. Rev Training allows us to service the performance needs of every athlete by offering the most innovative and cutting-edge training technology and methodology available. All to help them achieve their ultimate personal best.”

Scott Shinneman

National Sales Director

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Scott has a passion for new business start-ups.

He has owned and managed several sales and distribution companies in a variety of industries. These industries include building products, television production, renewable energy, sports leagues, and sensory training.

Scott provides new product education and strategic market planning to international and domestic business owners, professional athletes, elite military forces, race car drivers and Olympic athletes.

Why is Vima meaningful to Scott?

“The minute you put on the Revs, the effect is immediate and profound. The Vima team is the best in the industry because our products are supported through years of research and sound science.”

Brett Bone

Strategic Planning

Brett previously served as an Operations Engineer at Chesapeake Energy where he was responsible for operations planning, logistics, and technical design. Brett graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Why is Vima meaningful to Brett?

“What sets Vima apart is the credibility of the team behind the product. Vima is founded on sound science and years of experience in athletics and vision science; every feature and detail of the Revs was designed with the user in mind. I’m excited to work with the best in the industry to build a brand that redefines the limits of human performance.”